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Maya Kannan, Presdent & Chief Strategist

A Futuristic Entrepreneur and Deep-Tech GeoEconomic Strategist. 

Maya Kannan is a futuristic entrepreneur and a Strategic Consultant in the Deep-Tech Space with a Specific Focus on Geoeconomics. He liberates Brands, Institutions, Leaders, and Nations from systemic failures and helps in accelerating the Geo-Economic transformation.  He plays a key role in developing Successful “GeoEconomic Ecosystems” using Deep-Tech models, frameworks, and Methodologies. He is the Inventor of the karma Capsule Network, a Deep-Tech System. His client's span Brands, Institutions, State-National Governments, and social organizations through four models: #MayaNomics, #MayaLogical, #MayaNess, and #MayaNation.

His unique approach to life, career, and business transformations "Karma Yoga" helps his beneficiaries on a tremendous scale. His methodology of the PTP framework is successfully applied for over 24 years for both individuals and businesses.

Key Experience

  • Over 15 years of experience in Strategic Advisory roles for Geoeconomic Transformation
  • 24 years of experience in various industries as a Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist, Advisor, Chief Architect, Technology Futurist, handling projects and systems across many industry verticals and Governments.
  • 10+ years of experience in Digital Acceleration of companies struggling at the Scale-Up stage through Innovative Technology alignment with Business Model.
  • 15+ Years of Enterprise Business Architecture Planning & Implementation.
  • 5+ years of Deep-Tech Transformation planning.
  • 10+ years of Go-to-Market & Monetization strategies for Ai, Blockchain & IoT Solutions.
  • Over 15 years of experience in Promoting Start-Ups, Business -Scale-Ups, and Migration.

Key Expertise

  • Strategic Alignment of Deep-Tech with GeoEconomics and GeoPolitics
  • Consulting, Public Speaking, Board Room Advisory, Private Coaching for Leadership.
  • Digital Transformation Acceleration using Innovative Business /Technology Models.
  • Deep-drive strategies in Tokenization of Cyber-Physical Assets across every industry.
  • Innovative business models development using Artificial Intelligence, NLM, ML, Robotics.
  • Specialist in developing Society styled Profit Cooperative Unicorns business models.
  • Planning and Implementing “GeoEconomic Ecosystem” models for brands and businesses to gain exponential growth.
  • Developing new generation digital financial capital market products, solutions powered Ai & Blockchain and Deep-Tech.

Elevate your business to the heights where it stays above the clouds of market blockades

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