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Unicorn Companies at Sonic Speed

A Business rampant Growth Ecosystem Like No Other

Born business-centric, Sonicorn is the true axis of the billion-dollar ecosystem – An enterprise that carves the path to transform ventures into unicorns. Don’t hold your idea back; we let it realize its full potential. .

Sonicorn Program will help your business overcome all the hurdles and get a springboard booster to become a Unicorn in a relatively shorter period of time.

Sonicorn Ecosystem2.0 provides a safetynet for business after an exponential growth to sustain the growth during and after its complete transformation as a Unicorn,

Sonicorn helps post acceleration business expansion including global market reach, digital transformation, mergers & acquisition, carving in and carving out, tech Integration etc

Exponential Growth

Most sonicorn clients gets a guaranteed growth in the first year of engagement

Paying Customers Conversion Rate

The percentage of paying customers out of acceleration

Series A

Majority of our companies secure Seriea-A funding during incubation or acceleration.

Market Share

Most of Sonicorn companies secure M&A, VC or Equity Deals before graduating from the program

Portfolio of Projects

Proudly Presented Projects

agroKarma - agriculture Ecosystem Company, menschForce - human Work Trade Ecosystem Company, OEM & Beyond - Medical Devices Tracking & Tracing System, LibertyMedia - a Decentralized Studios / Ecosystem for Media Creations/Assets; Poompukaar - Retail Ecosystem, enegrcyKarma - Energy Trade Ecosystem, and much more.

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Elevate your business to the heights where it stays above the clouds of market blockades

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