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Pre-Incubation Services - StartUp Facade


"Pitch Deck, Business Planning, Financial Modeling, and Web/Media Outlook"

It's true that most books are sold by the Cover. So, the very basic thing any business should do first after the Ideation is done is to create a FACACDE for the business. Sonicorn understands that entrepreneurs need to find money, create a business model and business plan, hire key personnel, work out intricate details such as equity stakes for partners and investors, and plan for the long run. That's why we created StartUp "StartUp Facade" as a Service. StartUp Facade is a packaged Service helpsThe your StartUp with the following:

  • Business Plan.
  • Pitch Deck.
  • Financial Models
  • Web/Media outlook.

The total cost of the Package is $25,000.  You may sign up for individual services as well.


1. Initial Discovery, Business Idea Analysis & Report, and recommendations - $3000

2. Pitch Deck Preparation - $5000

3. Simple Business Valuation and snapShot - $3000.

4. Advanced Business Valuation and Report - $8000.

5. General Business Plan and SnapShot- $4000

6. Financial Business Plan & Modeling ( Plan, Proforma P/L Statements, Proforma Balance sheets, Cash Flow/Runway/BurnRate Statements) - $25000

7. Initial Web/Media outlook preparation including various digital media, Social Media Contents, and Website - $2000.


To engage, please schedule a Discovery Call. 


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