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Business ScaleUp

Scaling your business in the current global ecosystem with highly transient markets with vertical walled borders and transformed supply chain is a big challenge. Scaling up a business without building intrinsic value and a proper moat created might be a road to disaster.

Sonicorn’s Ecosystem is designed to guide you, from the inception in the path of creating Intrinsic value for your equities well before they reached Private and Public Markets. Essentially, the ecosystem provides the guided, systemic framework of learning, implementing, executing, and managing various methods, procedures, frameworks, processes, and algorithms that guarantee such Intrinsic value.

Creating Better Moat(s): We help you Integrate the Tech, Business, and Financial Engineering activities, and functional and operational components under successfully Value Oriented architectural blueprints and process value mapping. While the organization is growing through brick and mortar of day-day initiatives from Founders, Advisors, and Partners, Sonicorn travels as a non-intrusive framework providing the organization to provide a systemic and exponential moat in the marketplace where it is positioned.

Providing Sustainable Framework: We monitor process compliances, framework adherence, hot spots of opportunities, alerts for failures, ecosystem expansion, digital Transformation planning, etc.

Get Access to the Funding: At every stage of the Program, we actively promote the start-up and align with the investor’s funding. This shall vary from Simple Seed Funds, Angel Investment, Venture/PE funds, etc. While we do not guarantee funds, our methodology of Financial Engineering aligned with business engineering and tech engineering makes it a very attractive destination for parking and growing funds for most investors.

Rationale behind our Approach

StartUp to Scale Up Approach: Most of the Ingredients of the Successful companies and their business Practices are built during the Ideation / Incubation Stage. This validates our approach and methodologies of StartUp to ScaleUp.

Build to Operationalize: Market Opportunities should be identified, and the products, services and offerings should be aligned clearly during the MVP stage itself. That requires not just the founding team but a team of experts of varying experience, expertise, and Acumen.

Intrinsic Value Building, Value Oriented Architecture and Moat Development are the Keys to the Success of the Start Up not just to survive but scale Up with sustainable exponential growth that gives an excellent ROI not only for the short term but on the long term beyond IPO as well.

Deep Tech and Innovation – Our Approach to a Deep Tech and Innovation driven Business Ecosystem is based on the current stage of the world economic system where there is a drastic transformation and cyclic catastrophe in the existing market dynamics. Investors and leaders are worried a lot about the meltdown in the Asset values and the malfunctioning of the microeconomic engine and its inability to scale up and align with the macro geoeconomics of the market segment/geographical region where they had positioned their investments and products.


Sonicorn Approach

Strategic Advisory: We Develop and manage a Parallel Strategic Organization that becomes a Framework and a Compliance organization.

Communication: Peer-Peer communication Strategies, regular meetings, Training Sessions, Collaborative forums and brainstorming sessions, Workshops, Demos, mockup sessions, and any additional strategy that helps better communication will be deployed and managed. We use various tools like CRM tools like HubSpot, Collaboration tools like Slack, Code/Document management Tools like GitHub, Version Control Systems, Accounting Tools like QuickBooks, Business Management Tools, and Strategic Planning tools and methods.

Process / Project Management: Agile methodologies and Scrum based approach to the Program and Project Management. Various industry maturity models also will be chosen according to the needs and the tools and technologies to successfully plan and monitor the program/project process will be put in place.

Risk Management: Risk Management Frameworks like COBIT, BASEL II, CAP-M, and PRA like Event Chain Methodology, SAPHIRE, etc shall be used. Additionally there shall be internal and external risk auditing and compliances process in place.

Legal and Regulatory Compliances Analysis Management: Our legal/compliance team shall analyze various regulatory frameworks, laws, ordinances, and guidelines compliances within and across the industry and Jurisdiction of Operations. The team will prepare and adhere to your organizations/individuals within the compliance framework.

Results Evaluation: We use Value chain Mapping and Value Inflection mapping to align the activities, and process milestones with the results. The results will be validated against the metrics and parameters set for every stage output.

Execution Strategy: Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. Following is a description of our project methods, including how the project will be developed, a proposed timeline of events, and reasons why we suggest developing the project as described.

Delivery Methods: Management reports, Business Analytics and Reporting, Standards Compliance/alignment and reporting, Business Value-Chain Mapping, Business Current State/Target State Mapping and Transformation tracking, Framework development and management, Compliance Structures and methodologies development and implementation, Advisory Calls/Sessions/Meetings, Consultation on Specific Issues, Engineering Support/Blue Printing, Dashboard for tracking, Deals negotiation, Geoeconomics Representation with leaderships and Diplomatic communities.

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