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Capital Market and Private Equity

  /  Capital Market and Private Equity
The pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges and the private equity market is not immune to its impacts so far. However, private equity companies have adapted to the new changes by adjusting their business models and improving their capabilities with the help of industry advisors and experts. Even in this rough phase, the industry has shown resilience and the ability to manage tricky business conditions. Although the industry is being pushed hard in this time of crisis, it is astonishing to witness its capabilities in positioning itself for accelerated growth. With the burden of driving economic growth and returns to the promised ones, it never swerved from delivering on that role. At Sonicorn, we share our perspective and insights on key industry trends and how they will influence the market in the coming years.

• Despite the volatile market situations that arose from the pandemic, the investors are not holding back their investments and have shown a strong willingness to continue to invest in private equity.

• Since the onset of the pandemic, the companies are witnessing a transformation into a new digital work environment - a strong shift towards digitization. Leveraging the latest technology tools to conduct business functions, managers and investors together are not only adopting new technology platforms swiftly but also their focus has turned on supporting companies on the digital transformation process.

• Investors will have a more spotlight on the sector specialization and sector-focused funds. Managers will keep a close watch on the companies that are industry leaders in the sectors such as healthcare and life sciences, technology, aviation, and tourism.



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