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Transform your Business equity into a liquid asset.

Sonicorn helps businesses transform their equity into a tradable liquid asset so that investments can flow in from PEs, VCs, Family Offices, Institutional and Independent Accredited Investors.

Private capital markets and Family Offices have become an increasingly popular way for Start-Up companies to raise capital across the world in recent decades. This Legal Framework allows firms to acquire funding from institutions and wealthy individuals without the regulatory burdens of going public. The number of unicorns—private companies valued at $1 billion or more—has continued to grow even amid the recent boom in initial public offerings.

Sonicorn Equity Consulting Service helps early-stage start-up investors, entrepreneurs, and employees to trade their vested private equity shares with high-net-worth individuals, institutions, hedge funds, and other legal entities through registered Broker-Dealers, Alternate Trading Systems, and ECS. Sonicorn Buy-Side Consultants are not Registered, Brokers. Neither Sonicorn is a Registered brokerage firm nor an ATS. We consult and match the Investors to the corresponding deals within our Directory and to be executed by the Registered brokers, ATS.

Sonicorn Buy-Side Consultants, work with registered representatives, sales traders, and Brokerage firms that are registered with FINRA. Our Consultants provide consulting services to buy-side firms or High Networth Individuals, Equity Funds, and VC Funds to rightly choose the equities that can generate and access liquidity. Sonicorn is not an open market directory list.  We work closely with the Start-Ups and Scale-Ups that have the ability to become Unicorn. We execute the deals by matching them with registered traders/ Brokerage firms/ ATS. We shall either match with our network of registered brokers or the clients shall bring in their own. Sonicorn Consultants shall provide a powerful mechanism for liquidity generation backed by the market knowledge and experience of a network of traders, ATS, and Buyer-Broker firms meeting clients' investment goals. 

Start-Up Early Stage-Investors: If you are either an FFF, Angel or other PEI, Sonicorn Private Equity Trading helps in selling your share to Accredited Investors and Other Institutions. Who can legally buy your share?

Employees, Consultants, and Contractors: As an employee, Consultant, or Contractor at a fast-growing technology company, a large percentage of your compensation may be paid in equity or stock in the company or digital Assets. Typically, you earn this stock or digital Asset Tokens over many years, and the amount may be refreshed throughout your career. Today, the average startup stays private for 10 years before IPO or 5 years before ICO(for digital Assets). That means that it may be as long as 5-13 years before you can easily sell your shares or digital Assets through a traditional stock transaction or digital Assets Transaction from an Authorized exchange. As a shareholder and an employee(or Consultant or Contractor), you may want to convert some of that stock or DAs into cash to fund something else in your life, like a house. Or as a way to diversify your financial profile. That’s where Sonicorn Private Equity Trading comes in.

High Networth Individuals: If you are a High Network Individual, funding the right trustworthy investment opportunity that matches your portfolio needs is a daunting task. Sonicorn shall make it easy for you by presenting the right equity investment opportunity. As a Unicorn Business Hub, you will be dealing with Potential Unicorns that could increase your worth to multi-fold(and even exponential) value.

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