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Migrate your Business to where it can Scale Up!


Looking forward to migrate your business and engage in business or investment activity in another country, Sonicorn would love to help you. Every country has a program for inviting foreign companies, entrepreneurs, and investors to establish businesses in their territory for a Win-Win situation.

Explore Business migration across 4 Continents


Businesses usually get anchored into the jurisdiction where they are incorporated and the market they position themselves in. While it is a good strategy to focus on a specific market, geography, and demography during the initial growth stages, migration and expansion are great strategies to sustain growth and accelerate further. In the last few decades, globalization made many things easier for businesses to trade globally without having to take their ship(business) from one country to the other like in the good old days of trade. While globalization is still effective in many aspects of international business, there are systemic and structural changes happening now with the countries, and regions raising vertical walls around them. It is accurate to say, the world is not flat, but it is vertical once again. So, it's now the need of the hour for businesses to think and conduct themselves as Merchant ships going from one region to the other, anchoring in the new jurisdiction, creating newer products, building local supply chains, relationships, and digital marketing initiatives that are aligned with the local market, etc. Migration might sound simple and easy for most entrepreneurs in the beginning, but as they progress in implementing the plan, they realize it is a daunting and highly risky affair. Most businesses and entrepreneurs lack the in-house capability to Ideate, Strategize, Design, Develop and Execute plans. This is where Sonicorn shall be the best Advisory and Execution Partner for your Migration Plans.

Sonicorn operates currently on three continents across the world North America, Europe, and Asia. It shall migrate your business from any country/region to the other. Very soon we will be adding Africa and South America.

The Key to Business Migration is the migration of its leadership and its family. Sonicorn Business Migration Program is a turn-key program that shall help your business with the overall legal migration of the Business and its Key executives. Many countries across the region offer Immigration through investment programs, Entrepreneur migrating, start-up migration, etc., And many of them have well-streamlined temporary immigration / non-immigration programs. These programs are very complex and are protected through Stricted Labor and Immigration Laws. While law firms may handle it to some extent, only a comprehensive documentation/process preparation that is relevant to your business can save you from litigation and heavy penalties. Sonicorn's business and legal teams work together to make sure everything is taken care of.

The outlook on Global Businesses, Self-Employed, and Entrepreneurs are changing around the world as more nations look inwards. So, traditional easy-go business and self-migration is not going to work in most cases. Just showing business existence, expansion plans, talent, or even capital is not good enough. The nations are looking for Business models and Entrepreneurs who can help in larger economic impact and transformation by generating Intrinsic value from which the nation and its stakeholders shall benefit.

 Sonicorn helps clients who are looking for taking their Business, personal skills, and expertise to a country or an economic region without having to deal with the nightmare of Complex Migration Processes. We shall help businesses, entrepreneurs, and Self-Employed to create a Value-Based Case for their business.

Key Offerings

  • Sonicorn shall analyze the best Market/Geographical Location for your Business at the Post-Covid, current Global Economic Conditions.
  • We help your organization and the leadership team evade the Challenges of Global Business Migration at Strategic, Functional and Operational Levels.
  • We help Start-Up Entrepreneurs to kickstart their business in a different country/market and help them overcome the barriers of their migration.
  • We develop a digital transformation framework for smooth business migration and help in running in the new environment without any breaks or barriers.
  • We help in raising the Seed, Angel, or Growth Capital from the network of investors and high-net-worth individuals.

This is a Strategic Consultation with one of the Team members of Sonicorn through Zoom / Teams. Kindly remember that there shall be only one Issue/Problem/Advice addressed per call. You may not try to get a long list of questions to be addressed within 15 min. So, please keep your discussion around only “one specific subject matter”.
You may block multiple blocks of the Calendar for up to 1 hour. Only the first 15 minutes are FREE. The fee for every additional 15 minutes is chargeable at $200 - $500 depending on who is going to consult with you. We assign the call to an appropriately qualified team member depending on the issue. Please send mail to with a detailed description of your problem and how long you would like to block. The team will reply with the details and invoice. All the invoices should be paid upfront. This is a Non-Refundable Fee. So, please ensure that you make the right use of the meeting by articulating your need/issue/problem. The payment is processed by Sonicorn LLC. At their discretion,  the advisor may spend additional time(up to another 10 min) for FREE. If you cancel the call, before 24 hours, you will get a 50% refund, If you cancel the call before 48 hours there will be a 75% refund. No refund within 24 hours, but you will be allowed to reschedule Once.
To utilize the time in the best possible way to address the “Specific Subject Matter”, you will have to provide as much information possible to the Team to Prepare Proper Talking Points and provide it to the advisor well before the call. If you want to send some documents, You may send them to Any business/legal sensitive matters should not be shared to this mail ID, instead, should be sent to do not send generic material here because he will not have time to go through them, he probably may not even forward it to So, make sure you send the documents depending on the sensitivity. Please remember that Maya Kannan or Sonicorn LLC will not sign any NDA or NCA. You are willfully sharing such information with us only at your discretion.

If you want to schedule a call with the Chief Advisor, Mr. Maya Suresh Kannan, please mention it in the mail. Maya Kannan shall provide the time according to the nature of the issue and his availability. Please remember, that Mr. Maya Kannan does not work on the rate provided above. He provides a quote after studying the requests and worth of the advisory. If acceptable, an invoice will be raised before the call.

Next Steps..

  • Look for Email Confirmations regarding the Scheduled call from calendly.
  • You will also get confirmations from the Microsoft Teams calendar of These calls are scheduled as Sonicorn Teams Calls.
  • Send Generic Documents to Pls, Limit it to 20 pages.
  • Send Legal/Business Sensitive documents(pls limit to 4-5 pages) to if one of the advisory team members is attending the session. If you are hiring Maya Kannan for advicedvise, all the sensitive information should be sent to
  • We also advise you to Record your Statement through Video or Audio and Provide us with the Link to the Upload. Please do not send the Audio/Video file as an attachment. It will be very difficult to process. Do it as the last resort.
  • Keep our WhatsApp number handy — to quickly communicate regarding the Scheduled meeting. +15715283937.
  • At least 30 minutes before the call, Test your Microsoft Teams Connectivity. If you don’t have it already on your computer/Tablet/Laptop, please download it from You may also use the Web Version(not recommended).
  • Please do not use Low bandwidth Internet as it will be very counterproductive.
  • Please avoid using Smartphones(unless you have no option). We recommend Laptops and Tablets with very high bandwidth Internet.
  • There will be one complimentary follow-up Email allowed with the advisory We will respond to it. For subsequent communication, you will be charged with an hourly rate of $200-$500/hr with a turnaround time of 48-72 hours depending on the availability of the advisor and the depth of the subject matter. This rate will be different in the case of Maya Kannan being the advisor.

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