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Help others achieve their goals and you will achieve yours

At Sonicorn, you get the opportunity to help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals as a Coach, Mentor, or Advisor.

Sonicorn Network of Independent Advisors, Mentors, Coach, and Trainers.

Sonicorn's network of independent professionals brings their rich experience in the field of Business, technology, finance, economics, and diplomacy to coach, advise, train, and consult the wider range of client organizations. Would you like to make a difference in other people so they can make a difference in your life? Young and talented entrepreneurs having huge potential are looking for people like you to help them to channelize their thoughts, put them into a framework of success, guide them with the right tools and mechanisms to success, and consult them with rich experience and expertise. Joining Sonicorn network is free. You will be an independent consultant and most importantly, you can work from anywhere in the world. We match your profile with the client company's needs and engage you to provide the service.

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