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Payment for South East Asia Incubation Program Application

After Successful Payment, you will be taken to our Partner site F6S to complete the application. Once you submit the application, you will be assigned to a Program Counselor, who will prepare you for the eValuation Process with the Program Evaluator. Please understand that the Application fee is refundable if you are not selected by the Selection Committee. If you are selected and you refuse to join, this $65 will not be refunded. You shall only Pay the enrollment Fee once you are selected and ready to Enroll in the Program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Sonicorn Acceleration Program is FREE as well to join. You shall find it at

Our incubation program is not free. The reason is, at the Incubation level, the idea, the entrepreneur,  the products/solutions, the organization - everything is at a very Primitive level that needs a lot of coaching and training without any guaranteed output for Sonicorn and its Investors. The idea behind Incubation is to successfully prepare a Startup for Acceleration Program or Directly to Scale-Up(rarely).

Yes. Possible. But it depends on your Readiness - Product, Solution, POC, Pilot, Demo, Pitch, etc. But usually, the investors would fund a company at the Acceleration Stage.

No. But you might qualify for loans, Grant, scholarships, Rewards, etc. None of them is guaranteed.

  • Mentoring Hours
  • Market Analysis & Validation Hours
  • Strategic Advisory Hours
  • Products & Solutions Ideation Hours
  • + Corporate & Business Management
  • Free Domains
  • Free Domain Emails
  • WebSite Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Local Business Registration
  • International Business Registration
  • Director Service
  • Physical Office
  • Virtual Office
  • CRM Tool
  • Business Management Tools
  • Accounting / Tax Tool
  • + Business Migration Support
  • National Relocation Support
  • Visa, WorkPermit Support for Busness Owner and Team
  • Travel Management
  • Real Estate / Properties
  • + Executive Training
  • Entrepreunership Development Classes
  • Executive(CXO) Development Classes
  • + Skills Development Training
  • Technology Training
  • digital Marketing & SalesTraining
  • Business Development Training
  • Sales Pitch Training
  • Investors Pitch Training
  • RFP / Project Bidding Training
  • + Events
  • Challenges
  • Mock Pitch Day
  • Pitch Day
  • Group Discussions
  • Seminars(Web and Live Online)
  • + Financial / Wealth Security
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Grants and Price Opportunities
  • IP Creation & Protection
  • E-Commerce / Shopping Cart
  • digital Payments Service
  • Banking & Financial Management
  • + Innovation Lab Support for POC / Pilot Development 
  • Lab Hours(remote) Per month
  • Lab Instruction Hours
  • Onsite Lab Access
  • Engineering Support Hours for POC/Pilot.
  • Product / Solutions Ideation Hours
  • + Revenue Generation
  • Projects Bidding at menschForce Marketplace
  • Product Early License Sales Help
  • Tech Challenge
  • + Entrepreuner Health & Wellness
  • Local Health Insurance for Team Members
  • International Health Insurance
  • Tele-Health Access
  • Natural Health
  • Sports & Recreation

Admission Evaluation is an extensive process involving multiple departments and people involved. So, there is obviously a fee attached to it.

But, the admission fee is refundable, in case we do not select you for the Program. However, it is not refunded in case you reject the program or drop out after attending Discovery Call and Committee evaluation.

Set up fee(enrollment fee) is 75% refundable 72 hours before the start of the program. It is 50% refundable before 48 hours of the start date. It is totally non-refundable within 48 hours of the start of the program.

for example, If the Start Date is 10th March, then

If you cancel on or before 7th march - 75% refundable

If you cancel on or before 8th march - 50% refundable

If you cancel after 8th March - Non-Refundable

Strategic advice is not a training hour. Advisors are highly specialized Industry Experts whose time is highly valued. Even if they spend minimum hours, the input they bring to your Start-Up will be invaluable.

However, if you want more Advisory hours, you can either upgrade your program to the next level or ask for an additional Advisory hours Package. You shall buy additional hours in a block of 5 hours.

Mentoring is not a training hour. Mentors are highly specialized guides whose time is highly valued. Even if they spend minimum hours, the input they bring to your Start-Up will be invaluable.

However, if you want more mentor hours, you can either upgrade your program to the next level or ask for an additional mentoring hours Package. You shall buy additional hours in a block of 5 hours.

Products & Solutions Ideation Hours is to help you with Architecture, Design, Tech Strategy, Market alignment, etc. In other words, these are Expert hours. They cannot be confused with Engineering hours(which is a separate benefit -- pls refer to the Table).

However, you can always purchase additional hours in a Package of 5 hours.

The program is designed to Pay Monthly. So, if you drop out of the program

  • Up to 4 months -- You will not be charged for the next months. But whatever you paid up to the Current month is non-refundable.
  • After 4 months - If you drop out after 4 months, then you will have to pay the remaining 2 months Fee as well. Ie you pay the entire 6 months fee.

No. It's an all-in-one service, You cannot customize.

You shall bring your mentor or an advisor, provided he/she gets qualified and registered under the Sonicorn mentor network.

It's typically a Founder and a Co-Founder. All others should pay an additional fee(same as founder-cofounder). Typically one or two more people pay double the fee. Three or four more people, pay three times.

We only recognize the engineering team either from the menschForce network ( or from Innovation Labs ( So, they need to get registered under one of these. However, we shall give them exclusivity for your StartUp only.

Yes, It is possible to complete the Program in Fast Track mode of 4 months. You still will pay for the entire 6 months.

However, the program cannot be fast-tracked below 4 months as the quality of the outcome will suffer.

Sonicorn Incubation is a global program with a network of regions offering it and delivering together with the Acceleration Programs. So, there is a possibility of an Exchange Program where one or more team members will travel to another country/region for a short period. The cost of travel, Visa, Boarding, and other expenses should be paid by the Startup. We have tied up with menschForce for it under their digital Nomad Program. However, there is no guarantee for such travel as it depends on too many logistics like Visa, Temporary Work Permit, Temporary Resident/Visitor permit of the country. It also depends on the real need for such travel. We will not entertain unnecessary travel.

Yes. We can help you as long as you are signed up at the appropriate level(pls refer to the table).

Note that registering and operating a company in a different country/jurisdiction is highly complicated with a lot of legal and tax implications. We need to engage expert teams in such services and obviously, the cost is going to be paid by the Start-Up. Only basic things are covered in the package. We will provide you with Project Proposal and the execution plan including costing when you are ready. This can happen only after you enroll in the program locally first.

Yes. Theoretically, you can. But there are a lot of practical issues like the Company Registration as a Foreigner, Director role(legally you may not be able to play director role), Tax issues, etc.

Most importantly, your and your team's temporary or permanent residency or Busines Visa or Start-Up Visa needs to be arranged. So, We need to engage expert teams in such services and obviously, the cost is going to be paid by the Start-Up. Only basic things are covered in the package. We will provide you with Project Proposal and the execution plan including costing when you are ready. This can happen only after you enroll in the program locally first.

There are three levels - Virtual Office, Co-working(shared desk spaces in a physical office), or Dedicated Work Station/Office space. This is for two people. For additional spaces for your team, you need to pay the corresponding Virtual Office, Coworking, and Dedicated Office Packages. You shall submit your proposal so that we can design it for you and provide it at an optimal cost.

No. It is limited to 2 people per company. However, you can buy an additional training package.

Sonicorn has tied up with digiBlitz Labs for the Technology Training needs. There will be multiple training programs at a wider range from IT, Blockchain, IoT, AgriTech, Fintech, Cloud, Robotics, Edge Computing, Drones, Food Tech, Electronics, Industrial Analytics, MAchine learning, etc. These programs will be scheduled at regular schedules repeatedly by certain cycles by digiBlitz Labs. You may check the calendar and join the program online(some of them will be available in class as well).

If your team needs a special training or customized package, we may arrange for it with digiBlitz Labs. You need to make a detailed proposal so that we shall present you with the cost of the program,

Sonicorn program is designed to enable you and your team with substantial expertise in business skills, process knowledge, and tools. CRM, Digital Marketing, Sale Pitch, finance/Accounting, etc. As with other benefits, it is limited to two people per company and additional packages can be bought. Some of the tools can be per company.

Sonicorn is a Full-Service Unicorn Start-Up management company and a major part of that is Intellectual Property and  Ideation. Remember, Our interest is not to leave the Start-Up after Incubation. Our interest is to take the Start up through Acceleration, Scale-up, and beyond. So, obviously, we take these matters very seriously. We have a dedicated team, mechanisms, and processes in place to secure the IP, Copyright, Trademark, etc. While the fundamental things are free(levels vary), additional items can be obtained at an additional cost.

Yes. You can get more practice time. Just work with the Innovation Lab in charge to get minimum hours. For extra hours, you may have to buy additional hours as packages.

Yes, You can work with the Innovation Labs to arrange for it, if possible. It might cost you a substantial amount of fee for such setup.

menschForce marketplace is designed for Self-Employed and entrepreneurs to generate revenue through remote projects as Digital Nomads.  Sonicorn had tied up with menschforce to bring in the same opportunity to Incubation Start-Ups. Through this, you can generate revenue through your products, solutions, Consulting hours, Ideas, challenge participation, etc.

Sonicorn is designed to help you hatch out of the shell. Our innovation Lab is loaded with many ideas from where you shall pick one and take it forward. The mentors and advisors will help you choose it as well. Moreover, there may be many ideas coming from corporate Accelerators and buyers.

Most successful entrepreneurs started with a humble background. So, don't worry about it. Where you come from does not matter. Wher you intend to go and how persistent you are and how much you are ready to stretch in the learning curve are the keys to success. Sonicorn welcomes you with open arms.

Sonicorn does not discriminate against anyone of age, color, demography, ethnicity, or experience. However, we do look deeply into your skills and capabilities to learn, unlearn for specific goals around the Start-Up Company. So, do not worry about it. Just apply! We shall work on getting you onboard.

Step 1: You apply by paying the Application Processing Fee(refundable if we don't select you).

Step 2: A "Counselor" is assigned to your case who will work with you in preparing you for the Discovery Call with an "Evaluator". 

Step 3: An 1-hour Team meeting is scheduled with an Evaluator who will ask you to do a short pitch of your product, perform discovery through a series of questions.

Step 4: Evaluator Submits the Discovery findings and recommendations to the "Selection Committee".

Step 5: Selection Committee makes its decision and informs you.

Step 6: You pay the enrollment fee and first-month fee and enroll in the program.

The takeaways:

  1. Invaluable Knowledge
  2. Experience
  3. Proof of concern.
  4. Well seasoned product idea.
  5. Potential Pilot/ Demo
  6. Pitching Experience
  7. Fully developed Entrepreneurship
  8. Technology savviness
  9. Business Acumen
  10. Process Knowledge
  11. Global Market Knowledge
  12. Excellent Communication, Interpersonal Skills, and team skills.
  13. Potential Investment.
  14. Invitation to Join Sonicorn Acceleration.
  15. Possibility to liquidate part of company share for cash.
  16. A Strong Team of Advisors, mentors who can continue to support you beyond the program.
  17. Possible early-stage paying customers etc.,

This program is designed to be totally Online/Remote. However, depending on the Package signed, the applicant might be getting the opportunity to visit Physical Lab for Experiments, tests, engineering, and training. Also, the team will get the opportunity to visit Local Accelerator for Meetings, Seminars, Challenges, and Pitch.

Step1: After your Application is Submitted Online and the Application commitment Fee is Paid(refundable). You will be scheduled to attend a Discovery Call with a Program Counselor.

Step 2: Counsellor sends the discovery items to the Program Evaluator.

Step 3: If the Program Evaluator is satisfied with the Discovery Answers, he/she will the Counselor to schedule a call.

Step 4: Your team attends a 1 hour Web Meeting(Teams or Zoom Call) during which you will be asked a series of questions and asked to do an elevator Pitch of your Idea.

Step 5: The Program Evaluator Sends the Evaluation Findings along with his/her findings to the "Selection-Committee". The committee will make the final decision after processing all the information matching it with the program integrity.

Step 6: The Selection-Committee will let your Counsellor know about the decision, who in turn will communicate the decision to you.

Step 7: If you are selected, you will be asked to proceed with Paying the SetUp/Admission fee and the first month Fee accordingly to the Level that you choose to sign up.

If you have additional questions during this process, your Program Counsellor and the Evaluator will be happy to answer the queries.

The Evaluator Looks for the best match for both sides. It's never about your ability, talent, your idea, or your company. It's about multiple factors and your readiness and match for this Program. Usually, you might expect some of the following questions. Most of these questions might have been answered when you apply, but the Evaluator would like to find more by deep diving.

  1. Explain your start-up product.
  2. What is your role and how many owners/shareholders are there?
  3. Who are the mentors and what their backgrounds are?
  4. Have you opted for any incubation program? If yes, where have you completed it from and how long was the program for?
  5. Have you enrolled in any mentoring program or have you been mentored by someone? If yes, how long was the mentorship program, and where was it held?
  6. Do you work full time on this product or do you have another job as well?
  7. How many hours in a week do you give to your product?
  8. Have you taken any strategic guidance? If not, why not?
  9. Has your product been evaluated by someone? If yes, who evaluated it, and what were the parameters of the evaluation?
  • Do you have a copy of the evaluation that you could share?
  • Have you tested your product beyond your local lab or innovation setups?
  • How ready is your product in terms of getting launched in the market? Is it in the Pilot or MVP stage?
  • Have you taken any engineering support from technology-oriented enterprises to compete for your product?
  • How much capital has been raised unit now and through what program/channel?
  • What is your go-to-market plan and how it has been evaluated for gaining success?
  • Are you digitally marketing your product? If yes, are you taking the professional services of some company to handle your online and offline marketing?
  • When was the first time you pitched and how have you taken care of the shortcomings based on the feedback from the investor deck.
  1. Have you taken any assistance or guidance to prepare your pitch?
  2. Have you pitched out of your country of residence? If yes, where and what was the feedback?
  3. Is there a specific thing you are looking at to join the Sonicorn program? What purpose does it resolve to reach your goal?
  4. What motivates (specific Features) to Join the Program?

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