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Hybrid Program Incubation + Acceleration

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Join Sonicorn's Hybrid Program

Incubation + Acceleration

Our Hybrid Program is offered as an alternative choice for some qualified startups to join the Incubation with the Guarantee to be taken to the Acceleration program within a few months. Our format is always to start a company with Incubation(you spend anywhere between 2 and 6 months ) and then move to Acceleration(2-4 months).

Why Sonicorn Accelerator?

  • Opportunities for disruption are tremendous with convergence technologies like Ai, Blockchain, and IoT.
  • After the “Internet” boom, the world is experiencing a major transformation in the “Network”. The communication and information packet exchange between the machines in the network is breaking the existing internet.
  • Social media is not just People-People anymore; it is People-Machines, Machine-Machine, Machine-People.
  • Industry 4.0 is moving Automation to the next level of exponential growth to Autonomous.
  • Transportation. Mobility & Logistics are now experiencing problems working around the existing supply chain network & processes.
  • The Healthcare industry is going through a tremendous transformation through gadgets and machines.
  • Most of all, the Centralized Authority and Trust are failing the systems at large. The active participants in the network are not anymore just traditional computers but a variety of devices & robots.
  • And finally, the most exciting thing..Post Covid-19, the world is going through a big reset with newer business models, technology enablement, lifestyle change, security etc. 2021-22 shall be the period of greater StartUp era. 

Program Content

  • Total Duration: 2-6 months in the Incubation and 2-4 months.
  • A StartUp can Directly enter the Acceleration Stage based on readiness. Essentially we limit Incubation to a maximum of 2 months.
  • No cash Fee to Enter the hybrid program. We only take small transferable equity of 5%(assigned) (a 2% during Incubation and another 3% during the Acceleration Stage).
  • Opportunity to Win $5000 - $25,000 in Seed in exchange for an additional 1-5% equity from our internal "Simple Seed Fund".
  • Opportunity to Win Up to $250,000 in Angel/PE funding in exchange for equity during Acceleration.
  • Free limited Strategic Advisors & Mentors service.
  • Free limited Chief Architect / CIO service.
  • Free Training & Workshop.
  • Global Go-to-Market help.
  • Guidance & help in raising further Capital(Stage-A).
  • Actively Promote Venture Capitals Globally During Acceleration.
  • Run digital Marketing Affiliate Campaigns - provided by Partners.
  • Provide Test-Beds for a test run of various POCs/PILOT and MVP — Provided by Partner.
  • Engineering Help in Building POC and MVP at an additional cost through Partners.

Vancouver , Canada Hybrid Program

Washington DC, Hybrid Program

Chennai, Hybrid Program

Zurich Hybrid Program

Singapore Hybrid Program

Dubai Hybrid Program

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Not Yet there for Acceleration?

Join our World-Wide Incubation Program to not only qualify Sonicorn Acceleration but any other Acceleration Program. 

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