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Except few, most of the businesses have been caught up in the financial downturns that arose due to the Covid-19 crisis. A closer look at the energy and natural resource sector indicates that a series of rapid transformations in the industry is going to occur soon. Sonicorn, as knowing the core of this industry, could alleviate your curiosity levels about which business or technological trends will soon impact your organization. Sonicorn as being research-driven have collected the following insights about the industry

• Companies would look at the avenues of developing low-cost renewable energy technologies. These technologies along with the Internet of energy, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, and AI will contribute vastly in setting trends in this industry.
• Projects promoting renewable energy infrastructure development, generation of power, expanding storage capabilities, and improving efficiency will have more significance in the upcoming developments
• If new models are innovations based, digital transformation is the key. Digital technologies having smart, intelligent, and self-serve decentralized networks of energy generation will control the value chains components as in supply, shortage, and demand of energy requirements among consumers. The traditional utility business model will make a way for a distributed energy network.
• According to the industry, the smart home market will give more power to the customer to monitor and manage energy consumption and cost with simple on and off control switches and devices.

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