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Once in few years, every industry witnesses a change of trends, and in this case, the education industry is no different. The education industry has been developing rapidly worldwide, generating large-scale revenues and employment. The advancements in technology over the past two decades have changed its business models and scope to a greater degree, a lot of remarkable changes such as remote and personalized learning have been observed in recent periods. The drivers of changes take power from key things like what technology or area of study is opening up employment opportunities or looks more promising to control markets. As trends in the education industry are very dynamic in nature, the participants of the education industry must stay proactive in getting familiar with these trends to implement them as early as possible.

• Exploring options in adopting the latest technologies and concepts is the next step in this industry – Covid-19 has already given a big push to technology adoption.

• Integration of technologies like Blockchain, Big Data, AI, and more to store and present information in suitable formats conducive to companies’ business models and core strategies has become an essential thing to accomplish.

• Change in teaching approaches from traditional book teaching to delivering lectures in digital forms. More innovation will be around how to make teaching more effective with lesser human interventions.

• Gamification is the latest trend in the education sector as it is gaining a reputation for creating a positive, exciting, and interactive environment for learning. Right now it is more present at the primary school levels, however, it doesn’t seem to be staying away from the higher education and corporate sectors for far too long.

• There will be a significant focus on bringing in the experimental learning benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to education. Not only do these technologies explain complex concepts in greater depths but also give a chance to students to gain real experience in low-risk environments.

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