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The aerospace industry has perpetually been evolving and witnessing change every few years. Be it from the disruptive technology or radical business concepts end: the industry has never stayed away to escape their significant impacts. At Sonicorn, we keep a practice of discussing industry trends with companies, clients, thought leaders, and engineers to understand the course and vision of the aerospace industry. Citing the effects of Covid-19, a lot of pioneers and experts in the aerospace industry did try expressing their thoughts too early about its recovery and but we did focus on reading the impacts of it a lot deeper. Based on our logical conclusions, we have determined numerous exciting developments that the aerospace industry is setting to embrace in the upcoming years:

• Search for innovative solutions or alternative methods to bring confidence to its key parameters of revenue, growth, and sustainability that have been on life support because of the pandemic otherwise. Air travel will keep the travelers skeptical about flying for a long time even after the pandemic is over.
• Massive demands in supply chains transformations as it is sure that digital work would replace desk work.
• Devising avenues and methods of cost-reduction as the GDP’s worldwide are not showing any sign of promising trends that will bring limitations to travel budgets.
• Not like before, OEMs and large suppliers will go for larger scale business digital transformations investments to create value and accelerate the development processes.
• The big scope for aerospace companies is to aggressively pursue possibilities of mergers & acquisitions to sustain long-term growth and capture more value.
• Increased digitization in companies’ workflows will demand a multiple-set of new technology skills that the current workforce may struggle to attain.
• Companies will work on their innovation and research programs in upgrading the designing and developing processes of new aircraft as customers are no longer the same – travel behavior, flying sentiment, and money pockets have changed.

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