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Our Services

Deliver innovative customer experiences with Textline by sending to text messages as a business.


Our services

Sonicorn helps organizations in digital Acceleration towards becoming an Unicorn, helps in creating a modern customer engagement models to Sustain the growth, Improves the agility and resilience for launching better products and solutions from Internal HotSpots as MicroFocus Services

digital Acceleration

We removed the hurdles of digital acceleration by attacking the core problem by providing solutions via Social Governance Models, Ecosystem Development Models and transforming the organization via Aspect Based Technology Model

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Ecosystem Development

The current generation business houses scale-up and expand through Ecosystem Development. We at Sonicorn, help our clients to develop and offer a wider range of products and services through the hotspot MicroFocus services

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Business Expansion

We help scaling up business through alternate means driven by Mergers/Acquisitions, Carv-In/Carv-Out, Global migration, newer market venturing etc. by liberating the existing systems to make them agile & resilient.

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Accelerating the Transforation

Sonicorn Engagement Framework

Sonicorn Team Travels with you ar every state of your business lifecycle, enforcing the acceleration and engagement frame

Sonicorn Commitment

Access to Global Expertise

We never stop strategizing, planning and executing your Goals regardless of which part of the Globe it needs to be Implemented.

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We love creating Unicorns out of StartUps!

We can accommodate you regardless of what stage you are currently into.

Current Capitalization

96,369,853 $

Sonicorn is committed to the success of Entrepreneurs and the growth of small business owners in the current complex business ecosystem dominated by giants. 


Sonicorn constitutes two programs

  1. Sonicorn Incubation
  2. Sonicorn Acceleration.


Our professional clients

We serve clients globally

Elevate your business to the heights where it stays above the clouds of market blockades

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